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MDW "Top ads" is a homegrown technology that allows Morris Newspapers to rotate specific liner and display content from our classified database throughout our content pages. The "liners" and linked to a pop-up that displays the information from the ad. Additionally, customers may display all ads, e-mail ads to another party or add the ad to a "clipboard". Ads may be sold individually or bundled with other ads or offerings that will appear within our print editions.

Click here for an example of what the technology might look like at your newspaper:
(these are "graphical" examples only)

Here are a few functioning examples:



    The support team will train each Morris Newspaper Customer on the operation of the Top Ads system. Please contact your property representative if you are in need of assistance. Top Ads management tools are heavily integrated into the new "Ad Manipulator," which has replaced "Ad Editor".

    Right now you can launch this product with three easy steps.

    1) Download the Ad Manipulator client.

    2) Request the Top Ad MTL templates from your Support rep .

    3) Talk with Robert Granfeldt on a pricing structure and you are ready to go.

    Easy as 1,2,3!!

    User Documentation:

    Click here for user documentation

    To get Top Ads on your site, please contact your Property Representative or call 706-828-2955 and press 2 at the prompt.