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This guide describes how to install and configure the Morris Digital Works Core System that make up foundation of the mdClassifieds, mdReal Estate, and mdTransit Enterprise product suites. Each product suite runs in conjunction with the Core System and share a common database.

The installation is broken down into Six Core System Components. The Core System components must be installed in the order below:

Obtaining system requirements and software

System requirements vary for server and client computers, and for multiple environments. You might need to upgrade your operating system (or, in the case of servers, your database) to be compatible with the Morris Digital Works Core Systems.

See the following document for the most current information on system requirements, including platform and client requirements and patch requirements:

Product Platform Requirements: Platform requirements

Note: Before you can access the Platform Requirements, you must log in to the Customer Support web site.

Morris Digital Works Core System software is available by Electronic Software Distribution. When you purchase the Core System, you will receive a password when you make your purchase. You must have an Internet connection and your password to download the software and documentation. Contact your sales representative, or go to location link here (I need this to go to sales stuff) for more information about obtaining software.


This guide is for System Administrators who install and configure the Morris Digital Works Core Systems. Configuration tasks are performed by the following roles or individuals. Many administrator tasks overlap and many or all of the roles can be assumed by one individual.

The roles include:
  • System Administrator
    Creating Hardware & Software architecture including file system layout, data movement policies, cache, access privileges, security policies, firewall requirements, etc

  • Project Lead
    Leading & managing Business Teams. Schedule and budget authority for project. Single-point contact for all coordination of work with MDW.

  • Database Administrator
    Leads the database installation, configuration, testing and maintenance