AOE Reporting Tool Help

Last Revised: 11/09/04


Daypart by MBU

The Daypart by MBU report displays when you select DayPart by MBU.  This report presents the totals for all of the days specified, as well as totals achieved in each time period.  With this report you can determine which part of the day ads are most often bought and whether incentives need to be offered for specific times of the day.

 Column Definitions

Column Name


Day total

Total revenue per day for the MBU.

% of total

Percentage of ad revenue for the MBU of all the total revenue for the day.

Part no. Time Period

The day is divided into five parts, represented by non-overlapping day segments that have been established in Template Manager for all MBUs.  Revenue for each day  segment displays on the report.

# Ads

Total number of ads placed within a specific day segment for the MBU.

% total

The MBUís percentage of revenue from total ad sales within the specific day segment.