AOE Reporting Tool Help

Last Revised: 11/08/04


General Notes on Report Navigation

Report Defaults

The general reports page initially opens with the current month as the date range and the current day as the Ending date.  However, once you have selected a report, the date range reflects the last report chosen.

The Division reports and MBU reports areas default to the first report in each group box.

Date Range Choices

The system has a built-in calendar that detects the current month and week.  You may choose the current month or week or the previous month or week by clicking on the appropriate link.

When you request monthly reports, the date range is set to the previous month by default.  However, you may manually select any date range desired.  Also, when you request year-to-date (YTD) reports, the system automatically changes the date range to the January 1 and December 31 of the current year.

Division Reports

There are four division reports; two are for individual MBUs and two are for division totals.  Links allow you to select all divisions or clear all checked divisions without clicking on each division separately.

Note: If you do not check any division, the system provides you with an all-division monthly report even if the report type selected is for individual division reports.

The system provides one report for all checked boxes in any group.  Therefore, if you check a division and get an individual report, but check another division without un-checking the first, you will get one report for both divisions.

MBU Reports

There are four MBU reports; two present daily sales, and the other two present sales for five time periods within one day.  You can get reports for one MBU or for all of them; for one day, week, month, or all of them.

Whereas the division reports provide summary data, the MBU reports display detail daily information down to the number of ads and ad content.  Clicking on the # Ads column in the Sales by MBU displays the ad detail in another window.

Access to Summary and Detail Data from One Report

Clicking on the Total links in the individual division reports take you to the summary report, and clicking on the Division link in the summary division reports takes you to the individual division report.

Choose Another Report

After you’ve chosen a report to run and clicked on the Run pushbutton, your report displays, and you can move back and forth between summary and detail data.  However, to get back to the general reports page, click on the Choose another report link.

Make a Feature Request

As you access these useful reports, you may desire additional features.  To request a new feature, click on the Make a Feature Request link, read the list of current feature requests, then enter the fields on the Feature Request form, and submit it, if your request is not on the current list.