AOE Reporting Tool Help

Last Revised: 11/09/04


Sales by Day

The Sales by Day report displays when you select Sales by Day.  This report shows the daily total of ads, packages, lineage, and upsells bought from a specific MBU within the time period specified.  Besides showing the total ad costs, it also lists the average ad cost, the number of finished and unfinished ads, and the percentage of ads abandoned.

Column Definitions

Column Name


Date (Day of the Week)

Date and day of the week that sales are being reported on.  The report starts with the most recent day in the time period requested.


Total number of finished ads per day per MBU.


The total sales of base packages purchased from the MBU for that day.


The total sales of extra lines purchased from the MBU for that day.


The total sales of all upsells purchased from the MBU for that day.


The total revenue from all ad sales for MBU for that day.


The average cost (Total / # Ads) of an ad purchased from the MBU for that day.


Unfinished ads are divided into Not Updated and Updated.  Not updated and Updated ads reflect the stage in the AOE entry process where users started an ad, but then abandoned it.

Updated ads - The updated ad has gotten at least through the second AOE step, Compose (Write), where the ad content has been submitted, but not all the way to the Finished step.

Not Updated ads - In the seven steps to ad completion, the Not updated ad is one where the user started an ad by choosing category and classification in the first Select (category) step but then abandoned the ad.

Total # of Ads

The total number of ads attempted for the MBU for that day.  The total is calculated by adding the # Ads and Unfinished fields.

% Abandoned

The (rounded) percentage of abandoned ads per day for the MBU, calculated by dividing the total of all Unfinished ads by the Total # of ads.