mdRealEstate Reporting Instrumentation


This document explains what tracking crumbs are available for mdReporting and the format of the crumbs. This information is needed in order to properly instrument mdRealEstate for reporting.


$VARIABLE is used to represent a string of text that should be replaced with a value. The text will indicate which value is appropriate for the replacement.


A reporting server must be setup to log crumb requests.

Crumb Locations and Format

Where to place Format of url
When displaying a:
  • Listing in a search result
  • Listing in a detail view
  • Multimedia for a listing
  • Map for a listing
  • Printer Friendly Version of listing
  • E-Mail listing to a friend form (submission or success?)
  • Linking to a dealer's website
  • $AGENT_ID - classifieds.ad_customer.customer_id
  • $BROKER_ID - classifieds.ad_customer.parent_id
  • $AD_ID -
  • $PLACEMENT_CODE - see appendix
When displaying a:
  • Listing in a search result
  • Listing in a detail view
  • $AD_ID -

Crumb Images

Crumb images should be sized to 1 pixel by 1 pixel or greater. They should not be set to a height of 0 and a width of 0 on the off chance that some browsers, recognizing that the image won't display, won't make the request. This is programming voodoo, but why risk it.

Appendix: Reporting Servers

Domain Name Use For Jacksonville Homefinder

Appendix: Placement Codes

000Unknown Placement
001Search Page
002Search Results Page
200Real Estate Search Results
201Real Estate Detail Page
202Real Estate Multimedia Page
203Real Estate Tell a Friend Page
204Real Estate Map Page
205Real Estate Printer Friendly Page
206Real Estate Email Agent Page
207Real Estate Redirect to Website Page