mdTransit Instrumentation Quick Reference

Every time this happens This crumb should appear Comments
A page is displayed http://${REPORTING_SERVER}/images/mdwtc-${PLACEMENT_CODE}-MDTRANSIT_SITE-${SITE_ID}.gif?

Any pages for which there is reason not to track for inclusion into hit counts is exempt. For example, to track the number of people who go to dealer's web site we first bounce them through a page with some instrumentation on it. This page, however, isn't counted as an official page and should not have a page crumb on it.

  • $SITE_ID = property ID from template manager
  • $PLACEMENT_CODE = see appendix
A search for a dealer is performed http://${REPORTING_SERVER}/images/mdwtc-${PLACEMENT_CODE}-MDTRANSIT_DEALER_SEARCH-${SITE_ID}.gif?make=TOYOTA&zipcode=30909&type=(NEW/USED/NEW+AND+USED)

This crumb should appear on the first page (and only the first page) of the results. It should not appear if someone returns to page 1 using the pagination links.

  • make should reflect the make searched for
  • zipcode should reflect the zipcode searched for
  • type should reflect the type of car dealer searched for
A dealership's details are displayed http://${REPORTING_SERVER}/images/mdwtc-${PLACEMENT_CODE}-MDTRANSIT_DEALER_DETAILS-${CUSTOMER_ID}.gif

This generally applies only to the results page of a dealership search. If the site has other places a dealership's information is displayed (generally without being tied to a specific automobile) then this crumb should appear there as well.

  • $CUSTOMER_ID = classifieds.ad_customer.customer_id
A search for an automobile is performed http://${REPORTING_SERVER}/images/mdwtc-${PLACEMENT_CODE}-MDTRANSIT_II_INVENTORY_SEARCH-${SITE_ID}.gif?make.1=TOYOTA&model.1=Camry&zipcode=30909&type=(NEW/USED/NEW+AND+USED)

This crumb, like the dealer search crumb, should appear on first page, and only the first page, of results. It should not appear if someone returns to page 1 using the pagination links. The query string of the image should contain information about the makes searched for (broken out using make.#= syntax, the canoncial models (i.e. F-Series for ford, not F-150, F-250, F-350) searched for (broken out in the same way as the makes), the zipcode searched in (zipcode=) and the type of auto (type=). Types, makes and zipcodes are freeform and what appears in the query string will appear on the reports (only canonical model values will be detailed below the makes however, other values will be hidden - canonical values can be found in the classifieds codesets category MDTRANSIT, key of MODEL).

Any time information about an automobile is displayed http://${REPORTING_SERVER}/images/mdwtc-${PLACEMENT_CODE}-MDTRANSIT_AD-${CUSTOMER_ID}.gif?ad_id=12345&make=TOYOTA&model=CAMRY

Note that this may not need to exist when a stock photo is shown. If it does, the $CUSTOMER_ID and ad_id must be set.

When a user is sent to a dealer's website http://${REPORTING_SERVER}/images/mdwtc-${PLACEMENT_CODE}-MDTRANSIT_DEALER_URL-${CUSTOMER_ID}.gif

When linking to a dealer's website, an intermediate page of some sort needs to load that contains this crumb.