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What goes in TaskTracker?
Anything that requires action should be entered into TaskTracker. Call your property representative if you need a TaskTracker account.

What priority should a task be given?
If it's broken, it should be given a priority of 1. (Examples: A site is down, classifieds not working, etc.) You should also call the Technical Support as soon as possible.

A problem with a component of your site that isn't mission critical gets a 2 (reduction of service). (Examples: EasyCart problems, bulletin board problems)

A "normal" request gets a 3. (Examples: site build out, create account/e-mail account) If your request hasn't received a response in 72 hours, please call the Technical Support.

Any non-urgent project that doesn't have a deadline gets a 4. (Examples: non-essential customization of SiteWeaver/EasyCart)

A long-term project with no deadline gets a 5. (Example: Something that would be a nice enhancement to a site, but not urgent nor mission critical.)

Who do I call for third-party support?
Call Technical Support.

Who do I call for SiteWeaver problems?
Call Technical Support.

What is the Technical Supports's phone number?
You can reach the Technical Support, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m., at 706.828.2955.

What should go on the New Media Listserv?
The listserv is for an exchange of ideas and success stories and questions about new technology, like Flash. If you are having performance problems, you should post an item in TaskTracker. Depending on the urgency of the item, you should also either e-mail the NOC or call your property representative.

Subscribe to the New Media Listserv

To subscribe send an email similar to this example:

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*BODY: subscribe newmedia

*Don't put anything in the body except subscribe newmedia.....