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TaskTracker is Morris Digitalworks' online solution for task and project management. With its ease of use, Task Tracker is a must have for your property.

Get an account

Simply call your property rep, and they will set you up with an account. If you don't know your property rep, simply call the support and operations line at (706) 828-2955, press 2 and any one of us can help. You can also get a username by getting supervisor to submit a Task into Task Tracker with requested username, password, full name, e-mail address, phone number and property location of the person who needs an account.

You will need to provide us with some basic contact information, a username and password, and in a matter of minutes you can be managing you tasks and projects with ops and support. Please keep in mind that this is for internal use. If you are having a problem with your Web site or you want Morris Digitalworks' latest tool for your Web site, simply enter a task in Task Tracker and the appropriate people will get it handled for you.

There are no downloads or installations. Once you get a username and password you will be given a URL to the Task Tracker admin page. From here you can enter new tasks, review past tasks, update tasks that are assigned to you, or update tasks from you that are assigned to others.

When you go to the TaskTracker Web site you will see a list of tasks that were entered or assigned to your group. If you need to update a task simply click on the task number, this will bring you to the task admin page. Here you can make any necessary changes to the task.

Creating tasks

To create a new task, simply click on the "New Task" button. Your contact information will automatically show up on the task. The first thing that you see is the task id. This is a number that is assigned to your task, a new number is assigned for every new task. Next is the priority. The default setting for this is 3. If you are experiencing a loss of service you need to escalate this to either a 2 or 1 priority. Unless you are assigning this to someone in your group, do not change the assign to and assign group areas. Enter the due date for your task, and please follow the example to the right (mm/dd/yyyy). If your date is not in this format you will receive an error message when you try to submit the task. Enter a task title. Try to be as descriptive as possible in as few words as possible. If this task contains user names and passwords, check the admins only button. This is for security reasons. Next you will enter a description of what the task is for. You need to be as descriptive as possible. This helps us execute the task as fast as possible. If there is a file that you need to attach, under the task description is where you would do so. If you attach a file, enter a brief description of what it is.

Review the information that you have entered. If all is correct click on the submit button. Congratulations !!! You just created your first task with the TaskTracker system.

If for any reason you have any troubles using TaskTracker, please call you property representative or any one in support at (706) 828-2955 and press 2.

Using the priority system

If it's broken, it should be given a priority of 1. (Examples: A site is down, classifieds not working, etc.) You should also call the NOC as soon as possible.

A problem with a component of your site that isn't mission critical gets a 2 (reduction of service). (Examples: EZcart problems, bulletin board problems)

A "normal" request gets a 3. (Examples: site build out, create account/e-mail account) If your requested hasn't received a response in 72 hours, please call the NOC.

Any non-urgent project that doesn't have a deadline gets a 4. (Examples: non-essential customization of SiteWeaver/ezcart)

A long-term project with no deadline gets a 5. (Example: Something that would be a nice enhancement to a site, but not urgent nor mission critical.)

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